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Most homes in the Parish have access to Superfast Broadband

Ruyton of the Eleven Towns

Ruyton XI Towns (or to give it it’s old name “Ruyton of the Eleven Towns”) is a Parish in North Shropshire with a very long history.

It had a castle (the remains can still be seen) and was frequently changing hands between the English and Welsh armies. In fact, its name comes from the need to band together with other local villages and hamlets to fend off invasion - hence the “of the eleven towns” part of our name.

We are famous for being the only village in the UK with Roman Numerals forming part of our name. We refer to ourselves as “the only XI in the World”.

In 1308 we were awarded the honour of becoming a Borough - though this has long passed.

We are a thriving and vibrant community - you can see some of our activities listed under “Organisations” on the menu above.